Quick Chuck Adapter
Universal Brake Lathe Adapter; Its unique self centering design makes Quick Chuck the simplest, quickest and most precision brake lathe adapter on the market for machining hub-less rotors and drums.

Twin Quick Chuck Kits
Three kits to choose from, comes complete with two separate Quick Chucks one with standard jaws & std. plate #70040 and one with large jaws & large plate #70048, Plus small plate #70047 and Toyota plate #70054
Double Chuck Adapter
Problem: The growing number of brake lathe adapters required to mount hub-less rotors and drums through 1 ton vehicles. Solution: Double Chuck Adapter. The Double 3-Jaw Chuck design offers dead-on centering accuracy along with quick and easy set-up.


Heavy Duty Truck/Bus Brake Lathe Adapter
Our exclusive Heavy Duty Brake Lathe Adapter provides quick error free set-up on heavy duty hub-less drums & rotors, with precision mounting and machining accuracy that is proven and patented.
Balancer Chuck
The simplest, fastest and most efficient way of adapting truck wheels to your balancer. The 3-Jaw Chuck design offers dead-on centering accuracy along with quick and easy set-up. With the optional Extended Jaw Set #90041 it has the capability of expanding from 3.13”- 9.125”.
Heavy Duty Balancer Chuck
Exclusive Heavy Duty Three Jaw Chuck eliminates the need for cones when adapting truck wheels to your balancer. With three massive jaws this universal adapter has a capability of expanding from 8” – 12”.
Double Taper Adapters - 2, 5 and 7 Piece Kits
For Machining Hub Style Rotors and Drums up to 1 ton trucks on any 1" Arbor Brake Lathe. Three kits available
also sold separately.

Quick Cutters©
Go for the gold...Round Cutting Inserts for your brake lathe; re-surface rotors in one Quick Cut! No slow cut saves time and money. Get Fast Finished cut results with Quick Cutters.
Disc Silencer Bands
Heavy Duty Silencer bands for vented rotors up to 1 ton trucks; Stops Chatter cold and hooks on in seconds.
EZ Adapters
A new (4x2) truck rotor adapter takes the frustration out of mounting the 1/2 - ton Ford pick-up model F-150 rotor to your brake lathe; guarantee the accuracy and the EZ mounting. Dodge / Chevy 4X4 EZ Adapter also available.